Wayne Gretzky’s Success Secrets

A comment attributed to Wayne Gretzky is “I miss every shot I don’t take.” That statement alone is a powerful challenge to keep going and to have a will to win. But what else can we learn from Wayne about the keys to success? I feel there is much we can garnish from such wisdom. Let’s break this statement down into bite sized pieces.

  1. FOCUS. Without focus Wayne couldn’t see the shot to hit it and it is the same with you and I. We will miss every target we don’t focus on and every goal we don’t elaborate on. Focus is a key ingredient to success in sales, management, and life.

  2. ACTION. Without action Wayne would never have hit the puck. He had to take action after he focused otherwise the game would have passed him by. You can attend all the seminars you like, read all the books you can, listen to all the audio programs on success but without action they are all useless, like hot air. You must take the shot. You must take action.

  3. FOLLOW-UP. After you take the shot or take action you don’t sit idly by and see where the puck goes. No, you follow it to make sure it reaches its destination. So it is in life and business, you must follow through. You must know where your action is taking you to so you can ensure it will be successful.

  4. RESPONSIBILITY. Wayne was responsible for the shots he took. No one else took the blame or praise as a result. It is the I that makes the shot and makes the goal possible. You as a person, a sales leader, a manager, must take responsibility for your actions and live with them. Tomorrow is a new day and you will have lots of chances to take more shots.

So learn from Wayne and don’t be afraid to take chances because without that commitment nothing ever happens. Be focused, take action, follow-up, and be responsible. These keys to success sound simple yet for so many of us they are difficult because of procrastination, laziness, apathy, lack of self-esteem, and a belief system that says we can’t do it. We have to get rid of that mentality so we can succeed in life. Now is a good time to start with the new you. In my book, The Keys to an Abundant Life, I mention several areas of our lives that we can work on daily to see growth and become more successful.

Take a good look in the mirror today and assert yourself that you are a winner and you are going to see change take place in your life, your home and your business.